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21 simple ways to practice slow-living this summer


We are entering the time of year where life will be (hopefully) slowing down for you and your family. When I think back on my childhood, most of my favorite memories come from those long, hot, carefree days. Summer is a wonderful time for exploring, making memories, camping, going barefoot, getting dirty, eating icecream, and grilling out…basically just living outside and trying to eliminate as many obligations as possible. I can’t wait to do all of this. 

To me, slow living is living thoughtfully, going at my own pace, and carving out space for those things that matter to me. It’s so easy for the summer to pass us by and not to have done those things we wanted to experience. I highly encourage you to make a “simple summer” list and each week get your list out, choose one or 2 things from it and carve out space for them. Even better if you jot the activity down on your calendar. 

Let’s be purposeful with our time and make room for those simple and slow activities that often bring us joy and life, and so appreciated by our body, mind, and spirits. 

Here are 21 simple ways to practice slow-living this summer:

  1. Tend to your garden and really notice all of the colors, scents, and how nature is so perfectly designed.
  2. Go for a child-led nature walk. 
  3. Go camping.
  4. Read a book in the warm summer sunshine. 
  5. Bring your cup of tea or coffee outside and enjoy the morning sunshine.
  6. Take mindful breaks from the screens…24 hours or more is encouraged!
  7. Putter around the kitchen exploring with different spices and fresh from the garden herbs. 
  8. Put your phone on airplane mode and notice how much you don’t miss it.
  9. Do some gentle stretching in the grass. 
  10. Engaging conversations with your loved ones around a campfire…oh, and with smores. Definitely with smores. 
  11. Forage for summer flowers and make seasonal arrangements.
  12. Create a care-free summer feeling spotify playlist.
  13. Play in the sand with your kiddos and build a castle. 
  14. Barefoot walks while being purposeful with your steps and breath. 
  15. Have one day a week where you plan nothing and enjoy the space, rest, creativity, and inspiration that oftens come with having nothing on your calendar. 
  16. Make homemade icecream with raw cream and seasonal fruit. 
  17. Build a fort in the woods with your kiddos. 
  18. Make a big jug of sun tea with your favorite herbs.
  19. Rest. Simply rest. 
  20. Go to a movie at an outdoor theater.  
  21. Pack a picnic and go to your favorite park to enjoy lunch. 

I’d love to hear, what’s on your list? 

Happy summer days! xo


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