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5 ways to practice slow-living with children

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Now I know some of these ideas don’t work for every family, but here are some ways that we practice living slowly and simply with a toddler. As always take what resonates with you and leave the rest! 

  1. No television. We took down our small TV that was once in our living room once Aidan could pull himself up as we were afraid that he would knock it down. That’s been months ago now, and we don’t miss having it one bit.

  2. Minimal toys. Life is simpler and less overwhelming with less stuff for our little ones too. When you keep toys minimal this improves their concentration, creativity, longer periods of engagement, and even physical skills too. Plus, it’s so much easier to keep the toy area tidy when there’s less stuff to organize and clean up.

  3. Protect the calendar and provide lots of room and space. It’s okay not to be involved in every thing, and to choose white space over organized activities. We do attend storytime at the library and an outdoor music class a few times a month, but that’s it! I love having lots of space on the calendar. One thing we don’t allow ourselves to do anymore is to feel boredom. Being bored is good for you and the kids!

  4. Spend lots of time in nature. I could go on and on with all of the benefits of spending time outside for the whole family. The fresh air helps promote creativity, imagination, problem solving, body movement, appreciation for nature, risk taking, and of course, all of the benefits from the sun.

  5. Include them in your daily tasks like making food and cleaning the house. Allow your little ones to help with the household tasks even at a very young age. They love helping and doing what your doing, so get them involved in ways that are appropriate for them. They can sweep the floor, dust, wash the veggies, and even chop up some fruit with a kid-friendly knife. 

What are some ways you like to live slowly and simply with your little ones?


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