Grounded Motherhood

My story

I often say that I “accidently” fell into a slower, simpler, more intentional life. I didn’t even know at the time that it was even a thing, let alone a movement and philosophy that more and more people are aligning to all of the time. I just knew deep down that life wasn’t meant to be so busy, stressful, overwhelming, and where I was just counting down until the weekend or vacation and constantly running on stress hormones. 


I didn’t want to continue to live that way….or perhaps my spirit didn’t and I was gently nudged to let go, and then let go some more.


I trusted and listened to that nudge (from my God-given intuition) and started to release and surrender.  

So I let go of….

unsupportive beliefs, 



all the noise,

unhealthy relationships,

and a busy and over-committed schedule.


And then I let go of the physical stuff too…..

a jam packed closet and drawers,

mindless shopping habits, 

an overconsumption lifestyle,

and other unhealthy distractions.

And on the other side of consumption and busy, I found space, room to breathe, calm, and ease. It was clear to me what my values were and what mattered most to me when I looked at what was left. I also feel more grounded, confident, and connected to my God-given intuition and who I was designed to be.

That was all over 6 years ago now, and since then I have fallen into a more simple and slow way of living. I have let go of the excess to create “white space” for the people and experiences that bring me life and are good for my spirit. I have found that when we slow down we give our bodies and hearts time to heal and restore, and we can design a simple life to create, connect, feel, grow, rest, and reconnect to who I was designed to be. Life has felt softer and simpler. It feels cozier and just the way it needs to be…I believe the way it was designed to be. 

Now that I have a toddler, living intentionally looks differently for me now then it did just a couple of years ago, but I’m learning it’s still possible. I’m learning it’s not a place of arrival, but instead a lifelong journey of aiming to live simply, rooted, and purposeful.  


Photo by Brooke Collier Photography

about me

I’m originally from Grand Rapids, MI and just moved back after being away for 15 years. 

During those 15 years, I lived in Raleigh, NC, Turkey, S.Korea, and Spain. You’ll find my heart is still in southern Spain! I have an adventurous spirit and traveled all over the world during my time abroad. 

I plan to continue traveling with my husband and little one, and can’t wait to show Aidan more of this beautiful world!

I both got married and became a mother at the age of 40.

Mexican food is my all time favorite food. Is it Taco Tuesday yet?

I studied education in college and then after 10+ years of teaching I created my own coaching practice. Now I coach women on how to create nourishing and simple lives and find so much meaning from it.

I’m passionate about anything natural wellness and nourishing our bodies so that they can be in their truest form and do what they were designed to do….flourish and thrive.

I like to peel back the layers and question just about everything. I tend to go against the grain on most things ; ) I’m definitely a life-long learner.

My values are rooted in the home, family, adventure, simplicity, nature and thriving in my body, motherhood, and life.

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