Grounded Motherhood


These are my all time favorite resources and products that I highly and confidently recommend. The products I use are mostly organic, chemical free, free of seed oils, and as clean as possible. I do research each product I bring into our home and make sure it’s safe for myself, husband, and the little guy. Personally, I know how overwhelming and confusing it all can be, so I hope me sharing and keeping this page updated will save you some time and energy while you’re on your journey.



ProOne Water Filter

Air Doctor Air Filter

Santé for Health Shower Filter

Puracy Laundry Detergent

Dr. Bronner’s Dish Soup


Brawyn Bras

Pact Pajamas and Underwear

Carly Jeans 

Indigo Luna 

The Lullaby Club

Beauty + Hygiene

Viori Shampoo and Conditioner

Innersense Hair Products

Ilia Make-up

Azara Make-up

Kossma Beauty Skincare

Risewell Toothpaste and Floss

The HoneyPot Feminine Pads

Aleavia Body Wash


Perfect Supplements

Roots and Bones

Organic Olivia’s


For your toddler

Earthly (sleepy time herbs, magnesium, teeth tamer)

Risewell (toothpaste)

Ancient Minerals (epsom salt)

Solely Mango and Pineapple (on the go snacks)

Serenity (on the go snacks)

Less than Evil (on the go snacks)

My Green Mattress

Barefoot shoes

Be Lenka


Grecian Sandals

Amazon running shoes

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